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About Transformation Group

What is Transformation Group?

Through the synthesis of the family constellation method, and the Enneagram Personality System, this innovative group process brings into focus a visible representation of the internal patterns that drive our emotions, behaviors and modes of thinking. We “set up” an internal aspect of self to see how it functions both internally and externally. Thus, these aspects of personality, which were developed to cope with the challenges and traumas of childhood, are demonstrated. As a result, you will experience deeper self-awareness, compassion and a sense of growing yourself up in a different way.


In this series you will be able to understand your underlying thought patterns and habits at a level that is not always conscious to our everyday living.  If there are blocks in your life that you are having a hard time uncovering, you can watch them unfold through the constellation method as an observer of your own self.  It is a safe and effective way to view your blocks from an outside perspective.

Meet our Instructors

Jeanne Snyder, M.C

Jeanne focuses on methods of healing that accelerate resolution of personal and family issues. Along with her Twenty-five years as a licensed LMFT,  she specializes in transpersonal issues with the use of Yuan Gong Qigong & Ren Xue.

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