Qigong Offerings

Core Offerings - Method 2

Introduction to Qigong

Ask questions, experience a modified practice, and learn about Qigong. This introduction is intended for those who want to learn a bit more about the practice, principles, and philosophy of the form in a light, easy way before jumping in. All are welcome. Sign up now!

First and Second Method

Enjoy the first two light, easy, and relaxing methods of Qigong. Developed from a deep theoretical base of knowledge and experience, the practice of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan, the first and second methods of Yuan Gong, increase practitioners’ sense of well-being, levels of happiness and overall health. Method 1 builds your internal Qi, while supporting your ability to remain in a naturally calm and relaxed state. Method 2 helps sharpen and strengthen your mind, and your ability to focus. Recommended for beginners.  Sign up now!

Core Offerings - Method 3

Third Method

The third method, Ren Xue, combines a series of movements, stretches and poses designed to strengthen the body while maintaining the graceful flow and natural beauty of Yuan Gong. In this method, the focus is on connecting mind, body and qi. This form also opens the Qi channels, offering a powerful method for improving overall health. Available for beginners. Sign up now!

Individual Sessions

Improve your health and develop yourself in private, one-on-one sessions. Learn the Qigong methods, work on personal areas of transformational growth, or a combination of both. Individual coaching during personalized sessions allows for rapid progress and advancement in the areas you choose. All levels welcome.  Sign up now!

Group Healing

Group Healing

Improve your energy, relax, and receive the benefits of healing energy. After a long day, allow yourself to share in the deep sea of Qi and healing potential offered by our group healings. Led by experienced teachers, the healing sessions are designed to benefit all participants, no matter their level of understanding or experience with Qigong. No experience needed.

Uplifting Workshops

Weekly Book Club

Experience, learn, and share ideas about Qigong and Ren Xue principles for improving life. Guided by seasoned teachers, each week participants will focus on sections from Yuan Tze’s collection of books. Participants will engage in a lively, interactive, enlightening conversation meant to deepen the understanding of our personal transformational journey in the company of seekers on a similar path.