Personal Transformation

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Private Sessions

Improve your health and develop yourself in private, one-on-one sessions. Learn the Qigong methods, work on personal areas of transformational growth, or a combination of both. Individual coaching during personalized sessions allows for rapid progress and advancement in the areas you choose. All levels welcome.

Weekly Personal Transformation Group

Through the synthesis of the family constellation method, and the Enneagram Personality System, this innovative group process brings into focus a visible representation of the internal patterns that drive our emotions, behaviors and modes of thinking. We “set up” an internal aspect of self to see how it functions both internally and externally. Thus, these aspects of personality, which were developed to cope with the challenges and traumas of childhood, are demonstrated. As a result, you will experience deeper self-awareness, compassion and a sense of growing yourself up in a different way. Contact our office for information about joining a weekly group.

Workshops - Family

Family Constellation

Family Constellation weekend workshops are designed to uncover the hidden dynamics in a family’s morphic field that cause disruptions and entanglements for current family members. Discovery and healing of these patterns unblocks and accelerates individual and family healing. Synthesizing and integrating Yuan Gong and Ren Xue into the work provides an effective method for resourcing participants with stable energy and information (Qi) through the positive, active and healthy utilization of the Qi Field.

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I Ching and Enneagram Workshops

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