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I was suffering from anxiety, depression, and chronic back pain. Life had ceased to be enjoyable or peaceful. Then I found Uplift Yourself. I began Qigong practice, overtime my energy was increased and I had tools to deal with anxiety and depression. I was able to manage my back pain, and my fibromyalgia dissipated! My thinking became clearer and more purposeful. After my back surgery, I attribute my speedy post-op recovery to Qigong practice. I am fortunate this journey brought the healing practice and philosophies into my life.”

-M.K ‘17

"Having a lifetime of shoulder pain from competitive sports and Lyme disease, practicing qigong has given me the ability to erase the physical pain as well as relate to my body as being whole and healthy."

-T. M '16

"After attending a Qigong class, I feel joyful, calm and more in touch with myself. It's a wonderful feeling. I also noticed, that i'm more resourced to handle stress."

- J.V '16