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About Constellation Workshop

What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is a way of exploring your current life disturbances and how they might be connected to your family's past.  When we look back at ones family history we often discover unconscious blueprints that influenced the trajectory of their life.  Family Constellation is a way of uncovering some of those influences and create healing among representations of family members.  One family member attending can effect change on the whole family dynamic.    


Family Constellation allows you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and how your family's hardships might be influencing you.  Clearing these events from the past results in restoring the flow love within yourself and your family.  If you or family members have experienced financial challenges, abuse, unhappy relationships, mental or medical illness, anxiety or depression, suicide, PTSD or accidents, addiction, early death, marital challenges, etc. then Family Constellation is a deep and effective way of changing the direction of the family unit.

Meet Our Instructors

Jeanne Snyder, M.C

Jeanne focuses on methods of healing that accelerate resolution of personal and family issues. Along with her Twenty-five years as a licensed LMFT,  she also specializes in transpersonal issues with the use of Yuan Gong Qigong & Ren Xue.
Andreanna Rainville, RN

Andreanna is a lecturer and instructor on issues of chronic illness, detoxification, and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). With 20 years experience, Andreanna values teaching tools that create autonomy in health for others, from German Functional medicine and several health based philosophies.