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Thanksgiving: Pass the Gratitude Please!

man-31690__180With the activities of the holidays building and the mayhem that tends to ensue, we can often get lost weaving through grocery aisles, crowds of people and the endless amount of appetizer trays.  For Thanksgiving this year, rather than loading our plate with more potatoes and pie, try piling on another helping of GRATITUDE (oh yeah, that's what this holiday is all about isn't it . . .? ) For many of us, it's easy to get caught up in the social activities, family obligations and of course the amazing desserts.  It seems like nowadays that's the norm for the holidays, so it's not surprising that many of us hop on that bandwagon with the best of them.  However, it can often leave us drained and possibly even resenting the holidays all together.  So how can we make a change?  Cancel all of our plans, leave our family out to dry and refuse to eat any of the delicious food?  That's not the idea.  Instead embrace your holiday events and put the focus on HOW you do each of your activities and how you are thinking of them before they happen.  What's a great place to start with how we think about the holidays?  With the real meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday: GRATITUDE. Think of everything you are grateful for in any situation you're finding yourself in; that there's a grocery store nearby, that you know how to cook a meal for your family, that there are people in your life who care about you. . . and on and on.  Get as detailed as you want and as broad as you want - maybe you're grateful for your new pair of shoes.  Great!  Be grateful for that!  Whatever it is, let yourself feel the gratitude and enjoy the presence of it in your life.  You might find a whole new perspective on things.  Even if your view was pretty positive before, once you sprinkle on that gratefulness it's bound to be even more positive.  And you'll definitely feel even better than you already do! With your extra side of gratitude you'll not only feel better, but there are a number of other benefits as well.  Read the article below on a few healthy effects that gratitude offers.  And remember, don't stop after Thanksgiving.  Keep going!  A daily practice of gratitude is sure to start some major positive benefits in your life!  Happy Thanksgiving!! 10 Reasons Why Gratitude is Healthy