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3 Ways To Deal With January Gloom

Do you ever find those winter months getting you down? Research says that January and February are the longest and darkest days of the year. Read More


Using Gongjing in Astrology

galaxy-10994__180If you've had a difficult time with self-acceptance and feeling compassionate towards yourself this week, it might comfort you to know there's been something in the stars.  Astrologer Jeff Jawer shares his report on this past weeks planetary influences and the possibility of further separating ourselves from the parts of ourselves we already aren't fond of. In order to avoid falling deeper into a dark space, Jeff suggests using Gongjing.  What does Gongjing mean?  A definition from Yuan Tze's most recent book, Wellbeing Begins with You, provides a break down of the Mandarin words.  "'Gong' refers to pure and sincere humility arising from a very calm and open state, and 'Jing' is pure respect from deep inside the heart, so the literal translation of the term Gongjing is 'true respect, reverence and humility'." (p122). Read astrologer Jeff Jawer's blog post  Gong Jing for Jeff to read about self-acceptance and where to start with Gongjing: going inside.