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3 Ways To Deal With January Gloom

Do you ever find those winter months getting you down? Research says that January and February are the longest and darkest days of the year. Read More

Clearing the Clutter

Are there parts of your life that you want to improve? Usually there are underlying beliefs or thought-patterns that are in the way of us developing in the direction we want to go. Read More

Beauty, Strength, Power and Grace

Learn the 3rd Method: Ren Yuan to develop strength, flexibility and an overall sense of well-being in your mind, body and Qi (energy). Read More

Meditation: A daily habit of success

Meditation's reputation is quickly changing from hippie-goers hugging trees to a practice that has many people finding a variety of benefits. Read More

What is Qigong anyway?

When people ask what we do and we reply with "I'm a qigong instructor!", we can often get a response of furrowed brows and a head tilt. Lately we've heard a little more "Oh yeah, I've heard of that. Read More

Moonlight Open House!

Join us for our monthly Moonlight Open House events beginning January 2015! Give yourself the gift of time this year - time to go inward, relax and take care of yourself in order to be your fullest and brightest self. Read More

Family Constellation January 23-25, 2015

Life’s challenges are often related to ancestral family entanglements. Our unique and innovative use of the constellation method enables us to reveal hidden or unconscious aspects of personality, relational dynamics or systemic issues that block attainment of our conscious desires. Read More

Review 2014 to Ring In 2015

When we think of the New Year we usually think of setting goals and resolutions. It's about moving forward, shedding the skin of last year and pressing on into what lies ahead. Read More

A different kind of holiday list

The holiday season can be full of daunting to-do lists and we found this one to be a great change! Read More

Group Practice Schedule 2015


9-10:15am: 3rd Method 6-7:15pm: 1st and 2nd Method


9-10:15am: 1st and 2nd Method 6:30-7:45pm: 3rd Method (beginning Jan 14th)


7:30-8:45am: 3rd Method


9-10:15am: 1st and 2nd Method


9:15-10:45am: 1st and 2nd Method

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