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Conflict is unavoidable?

Why would Yuan Tze, a master qigong teacher, say "conflict is unavoidable"? Aren't we supposed to strive for a conflict free life? Isn't qigong and meditation designed to help us stay peaceful?

Looking at the driving force of human behavior will help us understand this quote better.
We all think and perceive differently because we all have different mental reference systems, based on our personalities, experiences, environments etc.. We use this reference system to evaluate and make sense of experiences and determine what is true for us. What we perceive as true, however is far away from being a universal truth, but a product of our current reference system (and the patterns at work). Thus it is natural that we will encounter versions of partial truths that conflict our own.

- Denying the conflict equals an invalidation of one of the two reference systems
- Trying to avoid it is like trying to avoid the laws of nature.

The goal is not to avoid or deny conflict, but to face conflict with a clear mind and an open, loving heart. This allows us to develop harmony admidst conflicting mindsets, ideas and behaviors rather than resist the possibility of harmony. Eventually we will find more truth in life.

Meditation and qigong help us do develop the clear mind and the open, loving heart to deal with conflicts effectively.