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Uplift yourself and uplift others with you

Thanks Clare Halford (https://www.clarabelle.co) for this inspirational cartoon! Uplift yourself and Uplift others is our name and mission. Not a coincidence.


Time and time again we have seen that when we uplift ourselves, others are uplifted with us. Why is this? Let's explore this further and examine what happens on the Qi (energy)- and Consciousness Level when we uplift ourselves. Let's look at a parenting example from one of our teachers:


"When my son used to have tantrums, my primary goal used to be to make him get out of this state. "To help him". However more often than not, my words would not reach him or calm him down. Examining my own state and energy revealed that I was anxious, closed and mostly annoyed. Because I was in a similar state than he was I could not help him. Once I learned to adjust my emotional state, his response changed too, and my calm helped him calm down. My uplifted Qi (energy) effected his Qi (energy). My Qi state not only changed because of the breathing but primarily because of the changes that happened on a consciousness level. Instead of thinking: "Please stop, we need to leave". I was able to tell myself it is "okay". I trusted that I can handle the situation. This made all the difference."


Since everything is connected and interdependent, a change in any one part of the system effects the system as a whole. This is the beauty of uplifting ourselves.

 You can make our mission your mission: uplift yourself and uplift others!