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Never before in history has our ability to focus been more challenged than in today's world. The level of distraction is unprecedented. In the US, we check our smartphones more than 9 billion times per day (Deloitte 2017).

Without focus we are scattered and directionless. Our attention and energy is drawn to whatever comes our way, be it a text, a like, or tweet. We give up freedom and the ability to lead our lives.

So it is worth bringing the focus back into our lives.

All 4 Qi Gong Methods, we teach help to strengthen your focus and make us less vulnerable to distraction. They prepare us well for today's challenges.

Every practice we start with a simple exercise, that directly works on our focus. The approach is to replace ten thousand thoughts by one focus/thought.

"Look straight forward, FOCUS on one single point (pause) and then draw your vision back slowly into the center of the head. Close your eyes gently."

Step by step we are reducing external distraction and we are starting to turn inward in this exercise.