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Feeling Inner Conflict?




When dealing with inner conflict we sometimes feel torn between two options, neither one feeling that good. We feel restless and agitated and have an intense longing for finally solving the "conflict". Our mind is circling around the solutions, trying to be smart and reasonable. Our heart might feel confused and maybe anxious.

A lot of books and theories explore this phenomenon and suggest ways to deal with it.

In last week's thought pattern class, we explored this from the Ren Xue® perspective. Here is a condensed version for your inspiration:

Intrinsic in this situation is the surprising fact, that you have not yet visualized the outcome of harmony. What is in the way of harmony? The very same ideas that are blocking you from acceptance of your current situation.

Changing these ideas that block acceptance is the first step towards finding a solution. A new idea that doesn't yet exist will emerge, once you embodied acceptance.