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It was Time for a Change: Realizing I Needed a New Perspective

My husband Zach and I were crawling along the 520 bridge, trying to make our way home.  I was exhausted.  I wasn't sleeping well.  I would stress myself out during the day at work.  Once we were riding home I’d be on edge and crabby.   My body was stiff from sitting all day and I wasn't getting much exercise.  I drank multiple cups of coffee, sneaked cigarettes at lunch and frequented the candy bowl at the front desk. “Ugh. This traffic sucks," I moaned. Silence from Zach. I turned towards him, annoyed that he wasn't responding and ready to tell him about it. However the stark contrast to my own mood stopped me. It was as though you could literally divide the car in half. His side felt light, relaxed and he may have even been smiling slightly. My side felt dark, heavy and included furrowed brows and a frown. How could we both be in the same situation, and yet have a completely different experience?  This contrast was enough to consider what Zach was doing to help him find more joy in life – a daily Qigong practice. QIGONG What is it? Qigong is a moving meditation practice.  It consists of light, low-impact movements and postures.  Meditation helps to give the mind a focus as well as connect with and make changes to your Qi (energy).  Breathing is included in some of the practices.  How can it help? Top 10 benefits people have experienced from a daily practice • Relieves stress • Calms the mind • Reduces anxiety • Creates awareness • Manages emotions • Supports healing • Improves focus • Increases energy • Manifests joy • Promotes peace     Who can do it? Just about anyone! There are modifications to every movement.  Men, women, young people, old people.  Anyone who wants those benefits can do it.  I had tried meditation and found that sitting still was a challenge, so the movement was very helpful.  I had also done other movement practices where the postures were very strenuous on the body, so I appreciated the light, gentle approach to the practice. Check out our Uplift Yourself studio in Redmond, WA.  2027 152nd Ave NE, Suite 100 / Redmond, WA 98052 Far away?  We also offer Skype sessions.  Book an online session with me – email kelly@upliftyourself.com and start feeling your best self!
Kelly organizes programs and teaches Ren Xue and Yuan Gong qigong  full time at Uplift Yourself (www.upliftyourself.com) in Redmond, Washington, often teaming with her husband, Zach.  She is the primary demonstrator of Yuan Gong Qigong methods, having now appeared in numerous video demonstrations that are used in teaching these methods on the internet and in trainings all over the world.