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Danick J. - Musician and French Tutor

Uplifting Stories"From day 1 of practicing Qi Gong with Zach and Kelly at Uplift Yourself I knew I had found what I was looking for: a practice of “moving” meditation that I could grow into at my own pace (personal and group practice), an invaluable tool to improve my life by understanding and changing my limiting patterns (discussions and sharing) and a community of heart centered people who keep inspiring me in profound ways. The simplicity of the form and the gentle guidance with minimal but precise instructions proved incredibly effective to make me connect with my body and learn to train my mind. Now a year since my 1st class I feel that the journey of self-discovery has just begun. The Qi or cosmic energy that exists everywhere has become a tangible reality, a tool to use when I feel challenged in life situations, when my body hurts or when I want to fully “be”myself. Through the practice and the kind attention of the teachers I am learning the true meaning of joy, love and respect."