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What is Qigong?

The easiest way to describe Qigong is moving meditation.  Qigong is specifically designed to focus on activating the bodies energy system.  Qigong originated in China, and many people around the world practice Qigong as a safe and natural meditation practice. Read More

It was Time for a Change: Realizing I Needed a New Perspective

My husband Zach and I were crawling along the 520 bridge, trying to make our way home. I was exhausted. I wasn't sleeping well. I would stress myself out during the day at work. Once we were riding home I’d be on edge and crabby. Read More


Tuesday Evening Qigong, Teens Class and Patterns Class: On as Scheduled!

Hi Uplifters- Thanks for your patience as we check out the roads for tonight's classes. Read More


Tuesday Morning Classes Canceled - Stayed tuned for evening classes

Hi Uplifters! Hope you are staying safe, warm and enjoying the beautiful snow! Read More


3 Ways To Deal With January Gloom

Do you ever find those winter months getting you down? Research says that January and February are the longest and darkest days of the year. Read More


Clearing the Clutter

Are there parts of your life that you want to improve? Usually there are underlying beliefs or thought-patterns that are in the way of us developing in the direction we want to go. Read More


Soft Opening Celebration for Uplift Yourself!

Celebrate the new Uplift Yourself with us! Stop by the new space, connect with teachers and other Uplift students, and hear about our upcoming programs. Read More


Beauty, Strength, Power and Grace

Learn the 3rd Method: Ren Yuan to develop strength, flexibility and an overall sense of well-being in your mind, body and Qi (energy). Read More


Meditation: A daily habit of success

Meditation's reputation is quickly changing from hippie-goers hugging trees to a practice that has many people finding a variety of benefits. Read More


What is Qigong anyway?

When people ask what we do and we reply with "I'm a qigong instructor!", we can often get a response of furrowed brows and a head tilt. Lately we've heard a little more "Oh yeah, I've heard of that. Read More