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Tracy Motley

I’ve spent most my working years assisting children who have unique challenges. I’ve also had some challenges of my own which lead me down the path of exploring Qigong. I was recovering from a mostly life-long bout with Lyme Disease and was suffering mentally, emotionally and physically. It was hard to keep up with anything in life anymore. Adding PTSD and high anxiety to the mix, you could say I was tired and anxious all the time. When I started doing Ren Xue, I realized I could help myself and take control of my life and live the way I wanted. I transformed in such a way I knew I wanted to learn more and help others. Since becoming an instructor, I work with women who have been in domestic violence situations and suffering from addiction; I have worked with adults in transitional housing who were incarcerated and then re-united with family. I teach at a retirement community and also at Uplift Yourself doing the method practices along with one-on-ones, both children and adults. I also use these tools for the kids I spend time with, which has been most helpful in my ability to care in a grounded, genuine and uplifting way.  
Education and Certifications
Yuan Gong Qigong Teacher Level 1-4 2017
Certified Nursing Assistant 2015
Blood Born Pathogen Certified
American Heart Association CPR/AED 
Certification Heimlich Maneuver
Certified Adult/Child/Infant  
Interests and Achievements
I enjoy being out in nature Traveling Warm Weather Reading Board Games Spending time with family  

Tracy Motley instructs the following:
  • Method VIII (Ling Yuan)
  • Method VIII class allows you to connect your Xin (heart) and Consciousness to uncover the ways that your fundamental patterns are effecting your own inner dialogues, relationships with others, and efforts in creating positive growth and development.  Using the practice of Ling Yuan you can find the ways in which your negative thought patterns, behaviors and mindsets operate and what ways you can replace them with more positive patterns.  

  • Method I (Tian Yuan) and Squats
  • Take time out of your day to relax and replenish your Qi (energy). Enjoy simple, light movements that help release tension in the body, especially the shoulder and neck area, and help you gather more energy. As an active practice, we also incorporate Qigong squats which help to move Qi through the body, open up the whole spine, especially the lower back, and strengthen the legs.  

  • Method II (Di Yuan) and Supplementaries
  • Method II and our supplementary practices are important tools to go inward and connect with a stillness that is so nourishing to our mind, body and Qi (energy).  Having this time in our day reminds us of our most optimal and healthy state - calm, relaxed, natural and joyful.  Take the opportunity to bring your practice to a new depth.  

  • Teens Class
  • Do you know a teen who is stressed? Maybe they are frustrated, anxious or overwhelmed? This class incorporates some basic Qigong exercises (movement meditation) to help teens find ways to get relaxed in stressful situations. We introduce basic ideas around out thought patterns - identifying areas of challenges, helping them see where they have options to make changes, and empowering them to make healthy choices. We do this through different activities and games. This class is about creating a fun and safe space for teens to express themselves, connect, and learn more about themselves.