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Jane Boyajian

Ren Xue Qi Gong is central to my life. Buddhist meditation practice and a Unitarian Universalist community ministry shape my life as well. And the easy blend of these constantly amazes me.
I grew up in New England and began single parenting on Nantucket Island. We lived in N Virginia, Ohio, Minneapolis. My 2 daughters and I moved here in 1969. This is home.
Education and Certifications
D.Min., San Francisco Theological Seminary
Doctoral Dissertation topic: Professional Practice and Personal Decision-making: Ethical Implications from the Perspective of Totality
Career: Teaching health providers and clergy, policymakers and corporate leaders about the social and personal impacts of their decisions.
Yuan Gong Teacher Certification; Level I (2016) Level II (2017)
Interests and Achievements
I wish for everyone these gifts I receive from Ren Xue practice:
A stronger, healthier body
A more balanced, calmer life
Easing up, letting past sorrows go
My heart opening, trusting more
Peace growing within and within our home
The visceral feel of interconnectedness
Learning to rest in this moment
I've taught personal and professional
development in spiritual and
professional settings all my life…in
the US, Canada, Spain.
But teaching at Uplift Yourself is
Because we learn together, becoming healthier,
Supporting and celebrating one another.
These give me joy:
My family. Having my grandchildren in and out. Home.
Gardening all year. Family and
friends coming for a meal. The arts.
Dancing at Bon Odori. Organizing
international travel groups.
Life long learning.
Wading at low tide. Staring at
nothing in particular. Silence.
Finding words to describe the indescribable. 
*Private Sessions available upon request.
I teach Method I,II,III,IV classes

Jane Boyajian instructs the following:
  • Method I and II
  • Take time out of your day to relax and replenish your Qi (energy). Enjoy simple, light movements that help release tension in the body, especially the shoulder and neck area, and help you gather more energy. Finish with a standing meditation that helps calm and focus the mind, relaxing and turning inward.

  • Still Meditation
  • At the end of an active practice it is beneficial to sit and experience some still meditation - practice with little to no movement. Enjoy nourishing a healthy and relaxing state after the full method practice to help solidify and ground yourself before heading back into your normal daily life. Even if you don't have time to attend the regular class, stop in for the 15-30 minute sessions to help settle yourself and recharge.

  • Method IV
  • Our organ systems are part of our foundation for health. Whether you have a specific condition you would like to improve or clear, or you are looking for organ health maintenance, this practice is a way to access the health of the organs through simple movements, hand postures, sounds and visualizations.