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Pam Gow

When I look back at my formative years, I realize that I have been sensitive to Qi (energy) from a very young age. A a child, I enjoyed connecting with the energy of nature through exploring my wooded neighborhood, caring for my rabbits and cat, and then later horse back riding, sailing and becoming an avid backpacker. I started my journey in the healing arts as a Registered Nurse and now integrate Western Medicine with my understanding of Mind, Body and Qi from the deep teachings of Yuan Gong Qigong, Ren Xue (Human Life Science) and Feldenkrais. I have transformed my chronic pain and weakened immune system to having a more vibrant healthy state of well-being. I continue to be nourished and inspired by the many stories shared by both clients and others, no matter what path they choose, to learn the inner tools to transform stress, pain and unhealthy patterns into being more relaxed, healthy and present to the life we have been gifted.
Education and Certifications
University of British Columbia , Canada– Registered Nurse 1979
Feldenkrais Practitioner Training-2002-2006
Zhineng Qigong Certification Level 1-3  2010
Shamanic Reiki Healing Practitioner Level 1-2  2017
Yuan Gong Teacher, Yuan Ming Medicine Practitioner Levels 1-3  2013
Interest and Achievements
Three of my greatest joys are co-guiding my three daughters into adulthood, a conscious uncoupling with my former husband of 35 years and helping bring Yuan Tze’s teachings of Ren Xue to the USA. I realize that the language of authentic heart qualities (trust, openness, love, gratitude, true respect) integrated with a clear mind are not well understood but my family, friends and mentors have all been my enthusiastic teachers! My most recent passions are helping the homeless and at-risk community find the resources to help themselves and building bridges between cultures, religions and ways of thinking.
Along with my time with family and friends; love of nature, learning, travel and leaving this planet in a better state are my constants in life.  

Pam Gow is currently not instructing any classes.