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Individual Private Sessions

Take your learning a step further and give yourself an individual session of Qigong (moving meditation). Learn how to apply the practice specifically for your needs and at your own pace. Take advantage of our teacher's in-depth knowledge and get the most out of your Qigong practice.

Sign up for an individual Ren Xue session and give yourself the opportunity to understand yourself more fully, enabling you to move more clearly in the direction of health and happiness.  Work individually with a teacher on the 4-steps for Changing Unhealthy Patterns to clear the thought patterns and habits that are in the way of your success.  Experience the positive changes on all levels - mind, body and Qi (energy).

Couples Private Session

Do you and your partner or family member have something you would like to work on together? Take advantage of our couples sessions that allow you to learn how to improve your health and wellness together.  Sign up for a private Qigong session to improve flexibility, release tension, gain more energy and calm the mind through movement meditation.  

Signing up for a Ren Xue session allows you to improve your habits and thought patterns together.  Learning together can be an effective and efficient way to make progress.


Do you have a group or community you're a part of that would benefit from improving your health and wellness together? Working as a group can be more effective and fun. Enjoy the benefits of learning Qigong (movement meditation) - reduce stress, release tension, improve flexibility and calm the mind - together!  
If your group would benefit from working on goals or habits together, sign up for a group Ren Xue session.  Whether you all have the same goals or each have your own, working as a group can be more effective and fun!  Book clubs, oil groups, womens or mens groups or just some friends who want to learn and grow together are perfect for this type of appointment.

Zach Snyder

Master Teacher


Kelly Snyder

Yuan Gong Teacher & Administrator


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