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About Uplift Yourself


Uplift Yourself is a safe and relaxing space to support your personal development and growth. We offer a variety of classes available to students of all ages, backgrounds and expertise levels. We focus on teaching students safe and natural methods to relax the body, develop your mind; and replenish your system with vital energy and balance. All of our classes are instructed by extensively trained and certified teachers in Yuan Gong Qigong and Ren Xue practice. No specific dress code or equipment is necessary to attend our classes as long as you are comfortable  We understand the need for a comfortable place to unplug and unwind and hope to provide that to all of our students. We truly hope you enjoy all of your visits to Uplift.


The best way to get started is to come in for a free introductory & orientation class:


Sign up for your free introductory session here!



What to bring?

To make your experience at Uplift as easy and efficient as possible, as well as hold a safe and effective space for others, we have a few reminders when coming to Uplift. It’s best to wear comfortable clothing and possibly layers depending on your normal body temperature. Our group room has a no shoes policy, so we suggest bringing socks or slippers if your feet tend to get cold. Also, please refrain from wearing scented perfumes and lotions to Uplift in order to keep a clean, natural environment for everyone. Tea and water are provided to all students.


Why Uplift Yourself?

“It feels so good in here!” is a common phrase we hear from students walking through our doors.  At Uplift Yourself we strive to create the best possible atmosphere for everything and everyone to move in a healthy and positive direction.  Every space has it’s own energy or feel to it, what we call a ‘Qifield’.  We do our best to create one that helps our students feel safe, relaxed, and empowered to be their best selves.
In addition to the space itself, we have a strong team of people at the foundation of Uplift Yourself.  Our Board of Directors continues to set a high vision for our staff and teachers to create more opportunities for people to learn and grow through Ren Xue and Yuan Gong.  Our teachers and staff have a strong passion towards learning and developing themselves, attending annual retreats and workshops in order to gain more information for their own learning and every student that comes to Uplift Yourself.