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About Ren Xue®

What is Ren Xue?

“Yuan Tze Ren Xue is a holistic system that draws upon ancient wisdom culture and contemporary philosophy and science to build the foundation for the first science in history to include all aspects of human life.”

Ren Xue, in its simplest form, is the study of human life. For our teachers and students it is a way to understand themselves in order to create a life that is healthy, balanced, light and joyful. Ren Xue provides the tools and support to confidently look at yourself and take charge of your own health and happiness. Yuan Tze, the founder of Ren Xue, has combined a vast theoretical base and life experiences into teachings for anyone interested in improving and deepening the understanding of themselves and those around them. To read more about Yuan Tze and Ren Xue visit www.yuantzecentre.com


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Why Ren Xue?

Whether you are striving for a modest goal or a major improvement, Ren Xue provides a safe and meaningful framework that will support each and every step you take forward. The applications are adaptable to any situation, allowing for personal growth and development in a simple and efficient way. Whether it’s a habit to overcome, uncomfortable emotions to clear, or support and understanding in dealing with major illness, Ren Xue teachings help you to get where you want to be – leading a healthy and happy life full of well-being and growth.

Class Description

Group Classes
Drop-In Single Class $20
Day Pass $25
Monthly Unlimited Plan $75
*Check with staff for promotions and discounts


How are Ren Xue and Yuan Gong related?

While there are a number of benefits to practicing Qigong and specifically Yuan Gong, there is a direct benefit it provides when working on yourself with Ren Xue. Making changes and improvement to life takes energy so it is important to stay resourced and healthy when working on raising the level of life. Yuan Gong practice is an integral part of maintaining a healthy mind, body and Qi flow to give yourself a clear, fresh state when looking to improve life.

Yuan Gong is the practice of Qigong designed to support the development & cultivation of life taught by Yuan Tze’s Ren Xue philosophy and teachings.