3 Ways To Deal With January Gloom

Do you ever find those winter months getting you down?  Research says that January and February are the longest and darkest days of the year.  So how do you prevent that deep dark gloom from setting in?  We have come up with 3 ways to take good care of you.

  1.  Breathe. Close your eyes and focus on your abdomen.  When you breathe in let your abdomen expand and when you breathe out let your abdomen relax in.  Repeat.  This is a simple thing to do in your office chair.






2. Move.  Get up and go for a little walk.  You can be more effective and present when you take a little time to move your body.  Even a simple walk outside by yourself or with colleagues.







3.  Self Love.  The way you talk to yourself matters.  When your mind starts to fill with negative thoughts practice reprograming those thoughts with self love.  Kind words.  Often we would never treat others the way we treat ourselves. How you talk to yourself matters.  Self love.






Doing one simple thing above, or a combination of these 3 things can help you improve that January gloom.

Take good care of you!


The Uplift Team

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